Nebrodi are made by centuries old trees, very hight mountains going down to the river; wild orchids, so many brooms and primroses, birds that brake the green valleys and ills silence; fountains gushing from rocks, the pastures, the grass, the flowers and snow, the mushrooms smells. But ther's more: the uncontaminate lakes and the dark green fir and oak-trees; the bells ringing on the silence; houses and "pagghiari", old patrician houses, memories of the past.
It's the youngest Sicilian Park. It was born in 1993, but it's the biggest too: its surface is 85.686 hectares.
Nebrodi Park is also very important becouse of its extent, which include the provinces of Messina (17 Commons), of Catania (3 Commons), of Enna (1 Common).

The hightest part of the Park is composed by large beech wood; on the northern part there are Turkey-oak and cork oak wood.

Here you can also find the last Sicilian yew wood, " a magic fragment of the old times". 
Some times ago on the Nebrodi there was animals complitely extinguished in the rest of Sicily territory: the wolf, the deer, the roe-deer, the wild boar. 
Anyway, with some patience, you can see the martenand, the wild cat; the sparrowhawk and the buzzard, the likeable tortoise.
In the park territory there are also the "sanfratellano" horse, native of this mountains; its a precious species becouse of the tipical and the reduced specimens number.